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Stream 08 : a WPP digital unconference

Stream 08 took place near Athens, Greece October 2nd – 4th 2008 and 3 of our global 360° Digital Influence team were there !
What’s Stream ? Stream is a digital « unconference » led by WPP Digital. People from the creative, media and technology industries and from every continent were discussing and debating ideas and opportunities in the areas of culture, innovation and the internet.

One of the main issues for 2009 which was debated concerns all the fields related to privacy questions

  • From one side, marketing industry needs more data to improve their actions, strategy, to better understand consumers & citizens’ interests. And to build stronger engagement programs.
  • On the other side, consumers are more and more concerned of the information they give online, and want to protect themselves. Nonetheless they want to live bigger experience with brands.

So how to solve this big inequation ?
The very first point that the discussion underlined concerns the difference between explicit and implicit data : explicit data can refer to personal information fully & clearly expressed (ie : I’m a boy, I live in Paris etc.) whereas implicit elements refer to all the stories linking explicit data (ie : the reason why I live now in Paris is because my girlfriend left me when I was in Italy – I precise, this is not by case haha).

What is really at stake is our personal storyline belonging as individuals.

A potential solution for marketers is to explicitely ask the consumers until which point they’re ready to give personal details. Because the question is transparent, there’s no more this intrusive sensation that consumers can feel. Consumers are involved to work hand in hand with the brand in order to maximize both stakeholders’ interests.
To be followed (explicitely).

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